Armory trip : Cav build

What a day.

Let’s start with the armory.

I planned to take lots of photos, but there was no way to do justice to the place. It’s big, it’s old it needs a lot of work. But the detail is amazing! Oak wainscoated ceilings in the drill hall. Custom tile in the officers and enlisted showers. Tin ceilings all over. Transoms over all the 10 foot high 3 inch thick oak doors. Killer!

As an afficianado of classic architecture, I almost blew a load just walking through the place. Absolutely amazing. Its big money to maintain it and if I was a man of resources I’d restore the place. Eminently worth it.

This is the fireplace in the apartment that he showhorned into the second story of the armory. I know the color is a little swishy. Long story. Nice fireplace though!

Here’s the smaller fireplace in his office which was likely the CO’s office.

Very poor images of VERY small sections of the drill hall. There are bleachers over each end that seat a couple hundred people. The floor is currently covered with industrial printing gear and the like. This space is phenomenal! Ceiling has to be 70 feet or so at its highest, likely higher.

The door to the armory turret was painted thusly. You could still see where antennae masts had been set up.

Other stuff:

Took last nights M4-gery build out for a spin. Mounted an old Bushnell holoscope (prehistoric EOTech forerunner) on it and get it dialed in fairly quick. I’m setting this up as a knock around gun. I’m not going to mount rails, but will put a small rail block on the front sight tower for a Surefire 6P classic LED light with a tape switch on the stock handguard.


I've convinced on eof my associates to order uo 30 STAG AR lowers. I'd be proud of myself for having convinced him to get them for inventory except when I told him to do it 3-4 weeks ago the delay was 4-8 weeks and now its 4-5 months.

Meanwhile I have a few here for my own use that I have to build up. I have a couple CavArms lowers and am really thinking about marrying an A3 upper fitted with either a super slim line barrel or perhaps even a synthetic upper like Bushmaster to make an ULTRAlight carbine.


I have a need for pre-ban AR-15 lowers for personal use (not for resale). NYS does not allow for fun stuff like telescoping stocks and the like unless it's on a pre-ban (pre-1994) lower. Current trade offer is one stripped pre-ban lower in exchange for one new STAG lower and 4 complete Dept. of Homeland Security issue gas masks. If you have a complete lower, I'll go one stripped and 6 masks. The masks are un-issued and the sealed filters are dated either 2013 or 2023, however the manufacturer has re-certified all filters as being good till 2023, including hose marked 2013. NATO filter threads. These run between 3-400 each from the factory. Go price them. I usually sell them for $50 a throw, although the demand lately has me reconsidering that.

Your chance to help a gunny behind enemy lines have a good rifle that The Man doesn't want anyone to have.

Too many toys

I've owned several Blackrifles over the years. I personally have come to appreciate anything in .308 as it packs a punch. However, the generally lighter weight and high capacity of a 5.56 is a bonus. Anyway, If I were building a new rifle, I'd have to do some rather serious research (which I do) becuase of all the options out there now. I have narrowed down my personal choices;

Built on a small pin Colt (pre-ban)
14.5" 1/7 twist barrel w/ vortex flash hider
LMT enchanced 5.56 S/A bolt carrier group
ARMS #50 bi-level M SIR
Buffer Tech AR Restor buffer
Buffer Tech Tactical latch
Buffer Tech accuwedge
Tango down battle grip
GG&G Tactical modular front flip sight
GG&G A2 BUIS (Possibly the ARMS #40 stand alone)
GG&G single point sling adapter
VLTOR Carbine ModStock (stand.)
Surefire M900AB weapon light
ACOG or Eotech mounted on an ARMS quick mount
Wilderness single point sling

This by no means definative by very close. It would cost a fat penny however and so I continue to wait.

My black rifle

New to the group. here is my evil black rifle, i put it together with no real goal in mind. didn't know if i wanted a light weight, a long range or a tactical type. a mix of things i guess.

Collapse )

DPMS 1/7 HBAR 16"
DPMS lower
YHM rifle length FF tube
Ace skeleton full size stock
hogue grip
DPMS catapult flip up front sight

needs new FH or MB

only complaint is that it is a bit front heavy. next build will definetily be a light weight one, or maybe a Carbon-15.

Cheap Ammo

Does anyone have a secret as to where to get cheap "day at the range" ammo? So far seems to be the best price for anything that doesnt say Wolf on it. The way I check is price per round. $.20 per round is very average. The lower you can get under $.20 the better, or cheaper at least. I am looking to buy 500-1000 rounds. Found a decent deal at JGSales as well, but the shipping thrw it right back up to $.22 a round. Any other suggestions?
Eat You

Free Floating

My rifle has a free floating front end. I was always under the impression that free floating was the only way to go. The argument made, was that under stress, you are liable to torque the front end, thus physically moving the tip of the barrel in one direction. While it may only millimeters on this end, it could result in inches down range. Made perfect sense to me.
However, recently I heard the opposite side of the argument. An argument against free floating. It goes like this. The rifle was designed with positive pressure on the barrel, and it has been used successfully for 30+ years with positive pressure on the barrel. Additionally, free floating leaves your barrel with only one point of contact with the receiver. Therefor, your barrel is more suscebtible to external forces. If you knock or rest your barrel against a corner or wall, the single point of contact makes it easier to move off of target. A regular fore end would make for a stronger foundation to hold the barrel in place.
The rebuttal to that is to get a 14.5 inch barrel with the Izzy break, and a free float 12 inch fore end. Thus, you are free floating, but pretty much your whole barrel is protected from outside sources. However, and this is my opinion only, I think that looks weird.
So, that being said, I am interested in others opinions. Free Float, or not to Free Float?
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